Riding the wheels of difficulty over the past several years, Wonderland Toys Limited has taken a firm root, growing into what it is today. All achievements derived are the rewards harvested from the continuous, sincere & honest labor, of a highly motivated and loyal team of professionals working round-the-clock, hand-in-hand, at Wonderland Toys Limited. It is the WTL Family Members, provided utmost efforts to overcome adverse environments and hardships, above all, to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

The Company’s positive business philosophy is to fulfill and discharge its prime responsibility to the community and environment, through the development of its members’ creativity and self-innovation.

Based on such proud tradition built around spirit, sweat and drive, the Wonderland Toys Limited is preparing itself to make a bold stride towards opening of a new era of creativity, to meet the challenges of the new millennium.
Thanking you.

Quamrun Nessa